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SWFPresenter Script for Adobe InDesign CS5

Adobe InDesign CS5 animation features are not supported when exporting a document as an interactive PDF.

SWFPresenter script prepares an InDesign documents to be exported as an interactive PDFs and retain the animation effects.

SWFPresenter will exports each page of your InDesign document to a SWF file and then each SWF file will be placed into a separate layer, making a tedious process real easy.

Once SWFPresenter has done its job, you just have to turn off the original design layers and export your InDesign document as an interactive PDF.

InDesignSecrets Article about SWFPresenter 

Download SWFPresenter (56 KB ZIP Archive)



James Fritz is the person behind SWFPresenter. I was lucky enough to meet him in Seattle at the Print and ePublishing Conference in May 2010, where we first discussed the implementation of SWFPresenter.

James is a regular InDesignSecrets contributor and without any doubt an upcoming talent in the InDesign arena.


• Adobe InDesign CS5 (MacOS or Windows)


Version History

• Version 1.0.1 - Initial Release.



1 - Uncompress

2 - Copy SWFPresenter.jsxbin into the following location:

Mac OS 

/Applications/Adobe InDesign CS5/Scripts/Scripts Panel

Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7

[Drive]:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CS5\Scripts\Scripts Panel



1 - Choose Window > Utilities > Script to Show (Hide) the Scripts panel.

2 - In the Scripts panel, double-click on SWFPresenter.jsxbin to run the script.

3 - SWFPresenter will prompt you with a select folder dialog for you to choose where to save the SWF files.

4 - You will next be prompted with the SWF export options.

5 - Turn off all layers except the "swf.presenter" layer.

6 - Choose File > Export..., select the format "Adobe PDF(interactive) and click the "Save" button.



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