Multi-Find/Change 3.0.3

1 July 2019
Multi-Find/Change 3.0.3 now supports our new e-commerce partner (MyCommerce/Share-it).


Execute multiple Find/change queries at a click of a button!

Multi-Find/Change (MFC) is an Extension for Adobe InDesign and InCopy CC 2017 and later to manage and execute batches of saved Find/Change queries. MFC is the ideal tool for those who rely on Find/Change queries to correct and/or format text.


What’s new in MFC 3.0?
  • MFC has been completly rewritten using Adobe CEP (Common Extensibility Platform). CEP HTML engine is based on Chromium Embedded Framework 
  • Search fields to quickly find queries.
  • Execute individual shared queries or shared sub-sets.


Organize Find/Change Queries Into Sets
MFC allows you to organize Find/Change queries into Sets (lists).  Easy to use, the user interface enables drag and drop of different types of Find/Change queries into Sets.

Execute Multiple Find/Change Queries
Rather than executing individual Find/Change queries, MFC gives you the ability to perform Multiple Find/Change queries in a single operation. As a safeguard, it supports undo “Change All” to undo all the changes or undo by individual Find/Change query.

Export, Import and Share Sets
MFC has the ability to allow workgroups to share Sets and Find/Change queries. Sets and Find/Change queries can be exported into self–contained files (xml) for other users to import or share. 

Rename and Delete Find/Change Queries
MFC complements the Adobe InDesign (or InCopy) Find/Change Editor, by adding simple one-step Rename and description properties to Find/Change queries, as well as providing an easier way to delete Find/Change queries.


  • Adobe InDesign or Adobe InCopy CC 2017 and later (Mac OS or Windows)
  • Internet Connection (for product activation)
Version history

To update MFC to the latest version, download the trial version (even if you have a licensed vervsion) and follow the installation instructions.

  • Version 3.0.0 – Initial release (09/01/2016)
  • Version 3.0.1 – Bug fixes (18/10/2017)
  • Version 3.0.2 – Bug fixes (17/11/2017)

Fixes the Find/Change list feature,  improves support for diacritical characters in query names and removes escaped characters from the set comments.

Trial version

The trial version of MFC is a fully functional version with no time limit. The only limitation is that you can execute only the top two Find/Change queries from a set or selection.



MFC is platform independent; the same software will run on Adobe InDesign or InCopy CC 2017 and later on  MacOS or Windows.

» Download MFC (Size: 5 MB, Type: ZIP)  INDD incopy MacOS Windows

» Download MFC Manual (Size: 1001 KB, Type: PDF)



You can purchase MFC directly from our Web store.

MyCommerce is our eCommerce partner and will provide payment services, receipt and serial number delivery.

After purchasing MFC you will receive an email with the receipt of your purchase that will also include a serial number and the software download link. The serial number will be used to unlock the limitations of the trial version.

If you purchased multiple copies in a single order, you will receive a single serial number that will activate as many copies you have purchased.

After Purchase Services

To print a receipt from an order or access order history visit MyCommerce After-Purchase Services or contact [email protected].



If you have any questions or want report a problem, do not hesitate to email us at [email protected]. If you want to report a defect or flaw with MFC, please make sure you mention:

  • The version of MFC you are using.
  • The version of Adobe InDesign (or InCopy) where MFC is installed.
  • The operating system you are running on your machine.



Installation Procedure

  1. Download Multi-Find/Change 3.0
  2. Expand (unzip) the archive, it will expand into a file name MultiFindChange.zxp
  3. Quit InDesign
  4. Install Anastasyi ExtensionManager:
    Download Anastasiy ExtensionManager for MacOS
    Download Anastasiy ExtensionManager for Windows
  5. Open Anastasiy ExtensionManager
  6. Drag and drop MultiFindChange3.zxp onto Anastasiy ExtensionManager main window. Wait for the installation to be completed (it might take a few minutes).
  7. Restart Adobe InDesign

For MacoOS 10.15 (Catalina)

At one point after opening MFC you will get the error message about “eCom.Framework”

After you get the error about eCom.Framework, please cancel the dialog and do the following:

  1. Quit InDesign
  2. Go to System Preferences and select Security and Privacy
  3. Unlock Security and Privacy (lower left corner)
  4. In the General tab, you should  a message pops up to allow  eCom.Framework to be used, Click OK
  5. Relaunch InDesign and Open MFC
  6. You should now get another alert dialog about eCom.Framework with 3 buttons, click the “Open” button.


From OS X 10.9.x (Mavericks) and Later

Allow Adobe InDesign Accessibility

  1. Open System Preferences. 
  2. Click Security & Privacy. 
  3. Click the Privacy Tab. 
  4. Click the Accessibility section. 
  5. Click the Lock button in the bottom left-hand corner and enter your administrator password if required.
  6. From the Finder drag and drop Adobe InDesign application in the area just under the “Allow the apps below to control your computer.”
  7. Check the box next to ADobe InDesign.

You must restart Adobe InDesign for the changes to take effect.


For MacoOS 10.8 or earlier

Enable Access For Assistive Devices:

  1. Open System Preferences from either the Dock or the Apple menu
  2. Click on the Universal Access icon
  3. Check Enable Access for Assistive Devices 
  4. Quit System Preferences


  1. Quit Adobe InDesign (or InCopy)
  2. Download and install Anastasiy ExtensionManager
    Download Anastasiy ExtensionManager for MacOS
    Download Anastasiy ExtensionManager for Windows
  3. Open Anastasiy ExtensionManager
  4. Select Adobe InDesign on the Adobe Products list.
  5. Select MultiFindChange3 from the extension list
  6. Choose Menu File > Remove Extension



After purchasing MFC through our Web store you need to activate the plug-in using the serial number you will receive via email. You should keep the serial number in case you ever need to re-activate MFC (if you change computers, or reinstall the operating system, for example).

To activate MFC you need to enter the serial number in the trial version of the software. The trial version will become a full working version. The trial version can be downloaded from this page. If you have ordered multiple copies in a single order, you will receive a single serial number that will activate as many copies you have purchased.

The license is computer based, which means that you can activate Adobe InDesign and InCopy CC if they are installed in the same computer.

Activate MFC

After purchasing MFC, you will need to wait about 20 minutes for the activation servers to be update. You might get the error message “Unknown Serial Number” if the activation servers are not updated.

  1. Start Adobe InDesign (or InCopy)
  2. Choose Window > Multi-Find/Change, to show the panel
  3. Click the Activate/Deactivate button and then enter or paste the serial number
  4. Click the Activate button.

When MFC is successfully activated, the serial number is displayed in the lower right corner of the panel.



If you have activated MFC and want to move the license to another computer, you need to deactivate MFC. 

  1. Start Adobe InDesign (or InCopy)
  2. Choose Window > Multi-Find/Change, to show the MFC panel
  3. Click the Activate/Deactivate button and then enter or paste the serial number
  4. Click the Deactivate button.

Once MFC has been successfully deactivated, it will default to trial mode (“Trial Version” will appear on the lower right corner of the MFC panel)

You are allowed a maximum of 3 deactivations.


Known issues
  1. When Multi-Find/Change panel is re-opened, it will take a few seconds reload. We strongly advise that you minimize the panel rather than closing it.
  2. When opening the panel, reinstate the user selection might fail.
  3. Loading queries and sets seems to be slower on Windows
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